Inhaler at Other Voices festival: This place is just too small, so don’t dance — tap your feet | Ireland

There were fears Inhaler weren’t going to make it, stuck as they were in Dublin airport watching their flight become more delayed. But in the end the plane took off and they got to Dingle, Co Kerry, in time to open the 2022 series of the Other Voices festival on Friday evening.

“Thanks for letting us be here, it’s a big honour,” said Elijah Hewson, Inhaler frontman and son of the U2 singer Bono, halfway through their 30-minute set. “We did have a big night last night in Dublin. Not sure what we’re going to be like tomorrow after a night out in Kerry,” he added to a cheer from the audience at St James’ Church.

Founded in 2001 by the musician Philip King and

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